Our company has been in business since 1983. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and in customer satisfaction. Excellent service and products have been offered to our customers year after year and we will continue to do so. Expert photographers are trained to capture just the right pose and lighting for an excellent picture you can be proud of forever.

Pictures are shot digitally, using the latest Nikon camera equipment. We use Metz lighting equipment and our pictures are printed on E surface Kodak Professional paper. Digital allows us to offer a faster turnaround in production time and better quality in a finished product.

Our company prides itself in growing with technology with a completely computerized system to process and track our customer orders. Proofs are available for online viewing in selected events. We can provide immediate information on the progress of customer orders with a simple telephone call or email.

Interstate Candid Photography, Inc. is a diversified company with products and services to meet all your needs for photography. One of our companies, Village Studio, specializes in studio photography. There are office locations in California and Texas, and services may be provided in any area of the United States and Canada.

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